Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads

Body Max Gravity Inversion System

Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads

If you are looking for a cost effective and lasting solution to back pain you should check out the Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads. The Body Max Inversion Table with Pads is one of the latest models available in the market today. Body Max is made by Body Champ, a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment that makes the most popular models of inversion tables. Inversion tables are becoming increasingly popular due to quick relief that is provided to people who suffer from chronic back pain.

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When you receive the Body Max Inversion Table you will like the solid equipment and the safety features that come with it. It is built with a strong steel frame and the quality is highly impressive. The equipment is simple to assemble and does not take much time to put together. In fact much of it is pre-assembled and it takes only 4 steps to get it ready for use. It is advised to have one person around to help you although many have done it all by themselves without any extra help.

The machine can hold up to 250 pounds of weight which is enough for most people to use. Customers have reported that the Body Max inversion table has a good solid feel to it and does not wobble at all. This is very important because many people are apprehensive of using inversion tables as they think that the machines are unstable.

The ankle locking system consists of four spring loaded foam rollers which are adjustable and hold your ankles in place by using a pull-pin provided for the purpose. Even if you are tall you don’t need to worry as the machine accommodates people with a height of up to 6 feet 8 inches from 4 feet 7 inches. You can adjust the height easily by moving the pin to a new position.

The Body Max Inversion table has good safety features. The handle bar has positions that you can set according to your convenience while inverting. A strong safety strap puts you in conBody Max Gravity Systemtrol of the inversion angle. There is also a u-shaped handle which you can hold on to while coming up to an upright position.

The Body Max Inversion Table is extremely comfortable due to a smooth fabric and premium embroidered stitching that you will not find even in similar models at much higher prices. While you are doing your inversion routine you will feel comfortable and relaxed. The comfort provided by the machine is further enhanced with extremely comfortable neck and waist cushions. Several customers have reported decrease in back pain after using the machine for 10 minutes every day.

When not in use the machine can be folded and kept away. The folding feature is also useful if you want to shift the machine to another location where it is unobtrusive and not easily noticeable. Another safety feature while storing your inversion table is the safety lock that ensures safety of little kids who may accidentally try to open the table.

Body-MaxSome customers pointed out that the ankle pads were not very comfortable. This, however, is caused due to its sturdiness and you can get used to it after a few days of use.


The Body Max Gravity Inversion System is a very popular inversion table with great safety features and with a great price. It is sturdy, easy to assemble and store and brings immediate relief from back pain. For its price it is highly recommended.